Integrity Land Title

Why Title Insurance?

Title insurance on real estate is more than just a title insurance policy. It is an in-depth examination concerning title documents, municipality approvals, paid taxes, plat and survey issues, and recording compliance.

These are just a few areas of research that Integrity Land Title provides.

To issue a Policy of Title Insurance — and assume the inherent monetary liability that comes with the policy issuance — we must be as certain as possible regarding all of the various elements in the property transfer.

Title insurance policies have the ability to provide affirmative coverage and endorsements that protect the purchaser against risks that may be discovered in the title search process.

However, it is often misunderstood that not only does a title policy protect against recording errors, liens, encumbrances, encroachments, taxes and boundary line disputes, but also against fraud, misrepresentation, impersonation, secret marriages, incapacity of parties and undisclosed heirs.

Even the best attorney may be unable to discover these title problems.

We are your title insurance company, and will advise you of the relevant concerns that may be outstanding or in process prior to the consummation of the property conveyance.

Because the charter of Integrity Land Title is to eliminate the risk of future loss of what is most likely your largest investment by examining all of the relevant issues today.